Hey! Thanks for coming to my blog!

My name is Barry, and I created this blog in the April of 2014, as a means of expressing myself and to help others explore their individuality and capability of self-reliance.

I was born in India, and soon moved to the United States, where I grew up in a very modest household. Growing up Indian while attending school in the United States, I was always having a constant struggle between the materialistic pleasures that is so revered in the United States, while being taught to love the more simple things in life such as friends and family.

With these seeds planted early on, growing up through adolescence became an even greater struggle as I sought to find an identity that would reflect my true beliefs while still satisfying the requirements of society. Thus, I ended up finding one of my most powerful passions, writing, as a means of expressing my true thoughts while helping others who may be struggling with a similar internal conflict.

Hopefully, you may learn from me as I may learn from you, and together we can help each other endure and conquer this ever-present struggle known as life.

With warm regards,



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