Ant Colonies Supersized

Do we ever stop to consider how miniscule each and every one of us truly are? We are just like ants: going ahead building our little colonies, laying down the infrastructure to maximize our working efficiencies, feeding the systems laid out before us.

We enjoy the material “fruits” gifted to us by our superior humans while we loathe the wonders left to us by the ever so humble universe.

So silly I think, but then again what am I, but an ant in this sandbox of a world.



One thought on “Ant Colonies Supersized

  1. While I understand what you are saying, ants are, if anything, what we unfortunately aren’t and what we will never be. Selfless, hardworking, and loyal, ants intuitively know their role and play it well, driving their society forward. They serve their queen not out of fear, but out of passion for the colony, for they know that the queen is the catalyst in societal development through reproduction. On the other hand, we simply cannot show the same degree of loyalty and service to our “queen,” if you will, since our queen is wrought with corruption, senselessness, and greed. As a result, we are absolutely nothing like the ant colony, for we are a leaderless and individualistic people.


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