How to Find Your Purpose in this Universe?

Often we seem to be tumbleweeds, rolling along, not following any concrete path or striving towards any particular goal. Some say this is the way, others not so much. Explore, we shall.

Each and every one of us have heard of stories whereby individuals do not know of their purpose because they have yet to find one.

And usually this type of attitude is accepted.

However the most influential and effective beings take the initial effort to find their purpose, and then devote the rest of their lives to that cause.

So how should you go about finding your meaning in this life?

1) Think deeply, not just for a few minutes, or even for just a few hours. Make it a persistent, recurring thought that must be addressed.

Make the questions to be addressed:

  • What is my purpose in life?
  • What can I do to fulfill that purpose?
  • And what path can I take to ensure those steps are carried out?



Do not ask for other’s opinions on this topic yet because you are formulating your unique personal legend to be accomplished.

Once you have found answers that reflect your most truthful innermost beliefs, write them down and proceed to the third step.

2) Write, write, and write, until you have arrived at your answer.

Often times thought alone will not provide the necessary stimulation to arrive at a satisfactory answer.

So, an easy way to circumvent this is to write and keep writing either in a word processor or on paper.



Instead of answering three specific questions, begin by writing a paragraph on what you think your life purpose should be.

Then re-read your answer and either cut down some details and/or sharpen it to reflect a more defined belief rather than vague goals such as “to help people, or to make money etc.”

Keep doing this until you arrive at a concrete, defined goal/purpose.

Then outline and write answers to the other two questions:

  • What can I do to fulfill that purpose?
  • What path can I take to ensure the above-said steps are taken care of?

3) Find like-minded individuals, possibly your friends, and discuss the topic of purpose, so as to brainstorm.

An amazing way to further enlighten our minds, if you have the gift of thoughtful and understanding friends, is to discuss with them their opinions on the meaning of life, and a grander purpose etc.

A Discussion on Painting (Vol. IV, The Art of Poetry), engraved by A. Walker circa 1766 by Susanna Duncombe (née Susanna Highmore) 1725-1812


Do not let them know that you are asking for yourself as this may change their personal answers. Instead seek to hear their answers and true thought processes, paying close attention to what they derive as meaningful in life.

Take these thoughts and ideas into consideration, but be careful to not let it sway you too much. After all, everyone is right in their own mind and we do not have to agree with everyone.


The outlined steps above provide an easy and methodical way to find your meaningful purposes in life and can help to identify your grander goals.

Although people’s minds vary as they change and grow, try to stick to a goal unless you realize it goes against something you believe in vehemently.

If possible, rethink your goal every couple of weeks to months, to make sure you are on track.

This might all seem a bit far-fetched, but it is guaranteed, that with a purpose in our mind, whatever it may be, it will provide us backbone and discipline to live and maintain a straightforward and orderly life.


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