Further Exploration of the Societal Machine

As previous articles have touched this subject, I will go into and explore the problem of what Society is caused by and what it causes, and the manifestations that follow suit.


Firstly, Society in its truest form, is not an individual. It is a conceptual system, upon which every individual has claimed a part of. And this system, ties each of its constituent workers with chains, metaphorical chains that trap them into what is commonly accepted as the Social Contract. And by this Social Contract, each individual is bound to “respect” the others. In creating such tight links between each individual, it may seem to them that they are in it for each other’s good and mutual benefit, and so they accept the bonds placed upon them by this societal machine and continue to enjoy this existence they call a life.

And with each individual finding others like minded to themselves, they establish a full forming hierarchy, filled with subordinates and so on. And thus, we have a creation of a city, state, nation, world.

And along this path, each of those itty-bitty individuals begin to develop feelings, and reward for how good they have carried the burdens of others. They create systems of entertainment, and societal norms complete with full decoration and pomp to make their happiness-es seem truest and right. And by this fortune, even the smallest of subordinates realize that there is something that is making them happy, and that is not the “materialistic rewards” placed upon them by their masters, but the mutual bonds that they actually share with each other, a feeling commonly referred to but equally misunderstood and overstated, a feeling known as love.

And Society, realizes that this bond known as love frees their great workers in their minds for just what may seem a minute, and realize this great threat to their precious chain and link of a system. Alas, they begin to institute counter measures: They attack you and contrive you, taking away what “things” you own, and make you feel miserable, by showing lowly in the eyes of the other burden carriers of society. Individuals who now have freed themselves from the chains that cuffed them so hard, are now being lost to the one thing they had that made life worth living, each other.

So if it may please the hearer, a lonely individual is at a crossroads, deciding whether to be a king in the society by being the ultimate slave to it, or by being the king in his own mind by being the only king of his own mind.

Choice is yours, pick true.


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