Balancing the Balance of Existence, How to Do It?

How can a society form without the problems of modern mainstream society? Lets explore.


Even being so contingent the chance of garnering individualistic individuals who have broken the moral shackles placed upon them together to form, what I may refer to as a free universe, there may be many obstacles for them to take care of that may be unplanned, that which has so often destroyed the fates of so many governments.

An essential component of creating a free universe is understanding systems logic: that to create an efficient system, many will be under it but only one will be on top. And so in the creation of this universe, these blessed individuals must take careful care to not repeat the errs of those before them and establish complex systems of their own. Instead they should form mutual affixes.

Now these mutual affixes work to maintain this universe by very few core principles, two of which are described:

  1. These links are created to divide a difficult task into the work of two, and thereby resulting in equal distribution of work resulting in equal reap of reward.
    1. Ex: Two farmers decides that if one plows while the other plants seeds behind them, they will plant faster, and so they decide to work together, having one plow in front while the other plants seeds behind. And by this enaction, they will reap a equally fulfilling reward, a fully planted field, which they will each reap equally.
  2. These links must be equal within the individual themselves, so as to prevent unnecessary burdens on the other, this concept is referred to as self-responsibility. THIS LINK is CRUCIAL, as it is often that which is the final barrier to a truly successful free-universe.
    1. CounterExample: Of the two farmers who are now working together to plant and reap the field, one decides to get really drunk because it makes him feel good, thereby making the work for the planter much more difficult, as he has to follow suit of a drunk plow.
    2. Example: The farmers both commit themselves to each other to not let each other down, and so they each maintain their healths, and commitments, to ensure the equal and beneficial success of each other.
    3. Exploration: This concept may seem a little self-explanatory, however the reason that this is such a matter of dire importance is that when individuals do not commit to themselves, they have destroyed the trusts of others upon creating truly mutual links, and therefore allow the chance of a cruel master to come enslave their minds in a cycle of work offloading loans.
      An example of this playing out is when one refuses to take care of their proper health and begin to eat in excess, going out of tune with their natural balance as a result of irresponsibility, and then seek to make up for this loss by cheating their way back to where they started. And in this process an intelligent individual devised a mechanism whereby to reduce the fats of the seeker, by offloading the glut onto other areas of their souls. And so the seeker takes this mechanism, accepts their laziness and irresponsibility, and have now chained themselves into a life of endless debt.

By this process, a free universe of highly individual intelligent beings may be established, ensuring mutually assured successes of each other.

However, because people are inherently competitive, you will either end up with a communistic society or a highly capitalistic society, based on who becomes the most powerful individual.


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