An Introduction to Society

Below is a small story on the creation of a society. It is a good eye opener to the errs of society to a beginner who is just starting to explore the realms of individualism.


When it comes to reason, people often look to cartel their problems off to others for whom they seek to offload their burdens. However, in this time, we also begin to realize, that what are offsetting, cannot be offset indefinitely. As a result, we form a society, to help offset the loads of our burden carriers on to their own burden carriers. This is the magnificence and atrocity of Society explained in a paragraph.

Now, delving further into the minds of each “worker,” they develop a sense of “individual” thought and reason, and believe that what they are doing is for some ultimate good, or superior cause, not realizing their true purpose that was destinied to them hath never been revealed to anyone for it does not exist. Yet, they continue on believing that they are followers of this great path, that which is laid out by the beast of burden before them.

Somewhere along this path, a worker strays off the path, and he has a chance to smell the air and taste the grass. He begins to feel acutely interested in the smaller and finer things in his life, those things that allow him to feel completely in the moment. He realizes, he enjoys it better this way, and so he kicks off his load, and takes a breather, watching the rest of brethren slog on by.

And at a final point, this lonely but loneful individual, has found their inner peace, that which makes them feel completely in tune with themselves, devoid of any burdens or graces that which does not deserveth upon him. And by that action, this individual has freed upon himself the burdens of chains placed upon by the great masters of Society, that whom are so highly heralded.

And let this lonesome individual rest in peace, for peace is the only thing that may be granted to the individual who has now found “their” path.


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